We offer our adaptable service for the operation and maintenance of different wind electric generators like GAMESA 850KW, PWPL 750KW & 250KW and many more. Our expertise service to ensure a better, reliable and optimum output from the wind electric generator.

Scheduled Maintenance of WEGs

  • Periodic maintenance of the wind electric generators with quality lubricants recommended by the manufacturers
  • Calibration and adjustments of the system is made to optimize the generation output and to increase the productive life, rectification of wind electric generators breakdown, Repairs of Electronic modules.
  • 24 x 7 Servicing facility will be available

Erection / De-erection

  • We undertake the erection / de-erection of blades by using Derrick operation
  • Also we carry out the replacement of Major spares like Gear Box, Generators, etc., by using Derrick, without lowering the Nacelle
  • We serve more cost saving and short time executions in the above tasks, compared with Crane operation